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About Tracy's Tribe
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SÖDERHOLM Family Tree 
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********************************************************************************************** I will be updating this tree regulary so check back often!
 Please let me know if you feel there are any errors. It is a constant work in progress. Mistakes  are made I'll not deny so help me out please.

Please contact me for the Password;(For security purposes this will be changed regulary) let me know who you are interested in and why.

Most of the surnames in the Names List that are in uppercase are my direct ancestors.



If/When adding the details of living people online, its always good to keep in mind the following.  Identity theft is a type of fraud which involves stealing money or gaining other benefits by pretending to be  someone else. Having your identity stolen can be both financially and emotionally devastating. Identity theft can  occur in many ways—from somebody using your credit card details illegally to make purchases to having your entire  identity assumed by another person to open bank accounts, take out loans and conducting illegal business under  your name. Details of living people are easily obtained from  family trees and all they need are a few names and birth  dates etc and they can obtain your birth certificate, marriage records you name it; which they can then use to get  license, bank accounts etc.

I ask for your consideration when adding, my family
 Please do not add any personal details (theres no need for it to be there anyway) to Ancestry.com, or any other online  family trees, You do not need to include living people's details at all online. You think they are private on these sites  but it is not as secure as you think: and all it takes is one person to pretend to be a family researcher to gain  personal details.

Better to be safe than sorry! 
 Cheers Tracy

************************************************************************************************ *****PLEASE NOTE*****

 I have two separate direct lines of Shepherdson in my tree the first one goes back to My 6 X great grandparents George Shepherdson b.1705 married to Mary Wharton in Wintringham.  My 3 x great grandfather Robert Shepherdson and his wife 
 Mary Anderson immigrated to Australia with six children on the Florentia.  Robert's Brother John Banks Shepherdson came over a few years before.

The second William Shepherdson born 1710 in Farndale, Yorkshire married to Sarah Grimshaw ( descendant of  Edward Grimshaw). They were  involved in the Quaker religion. My 3 x great grandfather William Ward married to Mary Lister (Lidster)  immigrated to Australia on the Marion Moore with two daughters one being my 2 x great grandmother Jane Anne,  she married my great great grandfather Timothy Shepherdson.  I have not been able to make a connection with George and William but both come from Yorkshire. http://shepherdsonsdownunder.blogspot.com.au/

 I have two family lines of Beaton in my tree. One being my direct line through William Beaton born  1820 Edinburgh, 
 Scotland married to Mary Thomson b.1821, They immigrated to Australia from Scotland.  The other Beaton line not a direct line was descendant from David Beaton and Janet McLeod both of  Edinburgh as well

 Two Emery lines in my tree both have ancestors lines back to Ashwick England, not sure if they are  connected. One line is direct on my mothers paternal side James EMERY b. 1709 d.1789 Ashwick, Somerset, England  married to Mary Perkins. My grandfather Reginald Emery b.1899 Bristol immigrated to Australia in 1922, His parents were William  Robert Emery. Reg and his brother Douglas were in the Merchant Navy. and Annie Louise Marks (I don't think they ever married, William was still married to his first wife Catherine and Annie was divorced.  Wm remarried in 1912 to Lucy Lawrence and was charged with bigamy in 1913). - the other is a non direct line down my father's maternal side John EMERY b. 1755  Ashwick, Somerset, England wife Mary ? their son John immigrated to South Australia with his 2nd wife Elizabeth

********************************************************************************              www.scraptures.blogspot.com

********************************************************************************************** ***LINKS***

To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root

 A genealogy group to help your fellow researchers find records and help chip away at those brick  walls.

Genealogy Search Australia, the free Australian Genealogy and Family History Search  Engine and Directory for the most useful Australian and International family history  and ancestry sites.

A Fantastic help Forum the one of friendliest group of people I have found on the net.   http://www.british-genealogy.com/forums/forum.php

View my Genealogy Journals on 

************************************************************************************************ I have had my DNA tested through Ancestry.com with the following results. The biggest surprise was 28% Irish. I have one sole  ancestor from Ireland so it will be great to know where the other comes from. I have uploaded my Raw DNA to GEDmatch kit number A285537 and to myftDNA B75993. If you have had your DNA tested and want  to see if we have a match you can. (please let me know what you find)

*****************************✪✪✪   FAMILY REUNION 2018  ✪✪✪**************************  Anyone who is connected to  WILLIAM BEATON AND HELEN COCKBURN lines there will be a FAMILY REUNION on the  ✪ 1st 2018 from 10:am at St John's School in Binney Street Euroa, Victoria ✪ and 2nd September there will be town activities ie:  cemetery walk, places of interest walk etc. The Euroa Museum will open for us on Saturday. Some Names include:
 BEATON - GARRETT - SAXON - SHIPSTON - GIBBS - BELL - COX - REED - HALE - GEDDES - WHITECHURCH - MORGAN - MURDOCK -  WEEDER - WALKER - DICK - THOMSON - HARRISON - CORBETT, Shepherdson, Banks, Hardy, Soderholm, Thomson, Alexander,  Paterson, Capes, Short, Mckenzie,  and more...

For more information please send a message with your email or phone number email: offthebeatontrack@outlook.com

                                            PLEASE READ
 To prevent spammers: If you are interested in viewing my tree further please contact me for  password with an introduction and the names interest and who they are to you or why you are  interested in the names. 
 Thank You

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